This is Robin

This is Robin

Von Elina Sternefeld

This is Robin

I am 25 and originally from Amsterdam. I’ve been working and living in Berlin for 3 years now. I currently work as a senior brand manager for a luxury e-commerce company. 

What is your superpower? 

I would say my kindness? I try and be kind to everyone and open-minded. I think when starting your career or when you do anything new, being kind leaves a good impression on people. You can’t always be the best, but having a good attitude and leaving a good impression is worth so much!

What makes you feel empowered?

I think what makes me feel empowered most often is doing something for me and stepping outside of my comfort zone. Confronting something and proofing to myself that I can do it. Believe in yourself and do it for you!

sternefeld grace ring

What is your definition of female empowerment?

I don’t have a set definition I think, but be there for women. Support them through the good and bad. When they are going through something that makes you uncomfortable, that is okay, hold their hand and let them know you will be there for them. It doesn’t take much, just show up. 

What women have inspired you most in your life?

Probably my closets friends and my mom! I think I learned so much from them about being kind, listening, work ethic, but also embracing things that others might see as a weakness. Yes, I can be very loud but I have enthusiasm and I care about things. Having a strong heart that cares is never a weakness.  


sternefeld lariat
sternefeld darling ohrringe

What brightens your day?

Good food, dogs, seeing my friends succeed in what they are doing, and having good conversations with the people I care about!

What is your home office hack?

Preparing a nice breakfast! It makes sure I start my day off right. I am obsessed with smoothie bowls and also love oatmeal.

grace ring

What does jewellery mean to you?

To me jewelry is a way to express myself but more importantly once I wear a piece for a while it’s part of me. I feel naked without it!

Which is your favorite Sternefeld jewellery piece?

The Untold Cube Chain. Every time I wear it, and I mean every single time, people stare at it. It’s dainty, sparkly, but most importantly it goes well with everything. I wear it in silver and it is just that one necklace I keep coming back to!

sternefeld kette

Robin's favourites: 
The Grace Ring 
The Darling Lariat 
The Darling Earrings 
The Untold Cube Chain