This is Andrea

This is Andrea

Von Elina Sternefeld

This is Andrea

My name is Andrea-Mahita, but you can also call me “Mahita”. I'm a French Artist currently living in Berlin. I sing, produce songs and enjoy playing instruments like the keyboard, guitar or bass. 

I would describe my music as a hybrid, influenced by R&B, pop, and alternative Neo soul. Whilst making music I love to communicate my emotions with smooth and reverberated harmonies.

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I love what I do because:
I am creating and enjoying the most beautiful thing in the world: music.

My life motto:
Don’t waste your precious time and energy on wrong things or people. Just enjoy life and stop thinking, just do.

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I can spend hours:
Eating or cooking. I really enjoy doing both.

What is your superpower? 
My soul.

Words that describe you the best?
Humble, loving and caring

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The women I would love to have a coffee date with:
So many inspirational women but if I have to choose it would be either Alicia Keys or Cleo Sol. Two talented and gorgeous women. Alicia Keys has a beautiful soul and philosophy as well.

Which is your favorite Sternefeld jewellery piece?
I love hoop earrings, so it would have be the Lua Creolen Maxi

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